RAF Museum shows the way to the future for Moray Nimrod

XV249 - former Kinloss aircraft now opened for public inspection
XV249 – former Kinloss aircraft now opened for public inspection

A GLIMPSE OF what will be in store for Moray residents and visitors was opened to the public at the weekend when a former Kinloss Nimrod was put on close inspection by the public.

As Morayvia work relentlessly towards the creation of Moray’s own tribute to the role played by icons of the air such as Nimrod and Sea King, the RAF Museum at Cosford opened up their own prized exhibit to the public.

Nimrod XV249 has been homed at the Shropshire base for three years – but it is only now that guided tours inside the aircraft have been on offer.

When based at RAF Kinloss XV249 enjoyed an illustrious career, building over 18,000 flying hours in a 40-year flying career that saw it involved in operations around the world during which time it was also based in Malta, St Mawgan in Cornwall and at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire.

The Nimrod was opened up at the weekend for tours lasting 15 minutes at a cost of £5, during which visitors are given details of its history, equipment and the crews who flew the jet. Curator at the Museum, Al McLean flew on Nimrods and has memories of patrols over the Mediterranean, north Atlantic and North Sea.

He said: “Given the importance of the aircraft and its unrivalled contribution to the front-line, the RAF Museum is pleased to open up the doors to this aircraft allowing visitors to learn more about its long and faithful career.”

The Morayvia Nimrod – XV244 ‘The Duke of Edinburgh’ – is currently on display at Kinloss just off the road between the village and Findhorn. The Moray group are working relentlessly towards the day when the public can have easier access to their aircraft as well as the soon to arrive Sea King.

People can still back the group’s fundraising bid for the Sea King with details online.