Prompt action means mobile van has not had its chips!

Mobile chippie has proven popular in Lossiemouth
Mobile chippie has proven popular in Lossiemouth

SUPPER WAS LATE for dozens of Lossiemouth residents on Tuesday night as their fish and chips threatened to go up in flames before their eyes.

The highly popular ‘Mobile Codfather’ was parked up as usual by the side of the road near the town’s High School when an emergency call had to be made as the fryers got out of control – and the van threatened to go up in flames.

Fire and rescue service appliances from the nearby Lossiemouth station as well as from Elgin were quickly on hand to save the day for the van – but not for its disappointed customers, who had to go elsewhere for their supper.

In a post on their social media page, the van’s Buckie-based owners apologised, saying: “We are sorry for letting you all down tonight in Lossie, it was out of our control.

“Those who did not get their suppers will be compensated next week – but thanks to all around who were helping.”

Staff were described as ‘slightly shaken but OK’ – and there was a reassurance that, thanks to the prompt action by staff and the fire service, the Mobile Codfather service will up and running again from today.