Youngest MP urges 15-year-olds to register for Holyrood elections

Youngest MP Mhairi Black urging young people to use their vote
Youngest MP Mhairi Black urging young people to use their vote

FIFTEEN YEAR OLDS are being urged to put their names forward in advance as new legislation allows them to vote for the first time at Scottish Parliamentary elections.

Legislation to lower the voting age to allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote in Scottish elections was passed earlier this year.

The first time 16 and 17 year olds in Moray will be able to use their new rights will come at the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May – when many young people who are already 15-years-old will be eligible to vote for the first time.

Now the UK’s youngest MP, 20-year-old Mhairi Black, is leading the campaign to publicise the new voting regulations – and urging young people to allow their voices to be heard.

“Lowering the voting age sends a strong message to young people in Scotland,” Ms Black said, adding: “We believe that your opinion does matter, your voice should be heard and your vote will influence the future of our country.

“I would encourage all people over the age of 15 to register to vote and, more importantly, get involved.”

Campaigning for the 2016 Scottish election has already begun in Moray – with the secretary of the Keith branch of the SNP, Laura Mitchell, having already put her name forward for nomination as a ‘list’ candidate for the Highlands and Islands.

Ms Mitchell is a Parliamentary Assistant to Moray’s sitting MSP Richard Lochhead and is seen as a rising star in the SNP ranks.