Bishopmill House to be demolished for housing development

Demolishion order
Demolision order – Bishopmill House was used as emergency accommodation

A FORMER ELGIN care home is to be demolished to make way for new housing.

Having lain empty since the late 1990s, Bishopmill House has only been brought into use as emergency accommodation during flooding events in the town.

Now the dated building is deemed to be unsuitable for refurbishment due to its poor condition and the high costs that would be involved.

At a meeting of the Moray Council on Tuesday it was revealed that other commercial uses for the building had been investigated but all were considered to be unviable. As a result councillors agreed a recommendation that the building be demolished.

Estates manager Stuart Beveridge told councillors that crushed masonry from the demolished building would be used to up-fill council land at the Moycroft and Chanonry industrial estates.

Mr Beveridge added: “This will save the council £22,000 in material costs compared to using new up-fill from a quarry, as well as over £11,000 in landfill costs.

“Demolition of the property is estimated to cost £130,000, but this will be recouped by the sale of the site for housing development.”