Double, double toil and trouble as King of Moray is brought to life

Ruby Worth, Lucy Thomas and Ilona Kastner, who portray the witches in ‘Macbeth the Remix’, produced by Findhorn Bay Arts
Ruby Worth, Lucy Thomas and Ilona Kastner, who portray the witches in ‘Macbeth the Remix’, produced by Findhorn Bay Arts

A NEW GUIDE produced by VisitScotland could see lovers of one of William Shakespear’s most enduring characters flocking to Moray.

The national tourism organisation has launched a guide that allows people to follow in the footsteps of Macbeath – leading them through the Mormaerdom (or Kingdom) where Macbeath ruled.

The guide has been released ahead of a new film by the acclaimed director Justin Kurzel that stars Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard and will be in cinemas from October 2.

In the online guide ‘Macbeth – The Man, Myth & Legend’ there are 20 locations highlighted throughout Scotland – many of them in Macbeath’s kingdom of Moray.

The launch was marked this week when three ‘Weird Sisters’ gathered in the grounds of Brodie Castle – just a stone’s throw from Macbeth’s Hillock where, according to folklore, there is the ‘blasted heath’ where the tragic king and his friend Banquo met the foreboding trio in William Shakespeare’s play.

As well as wider Moray itself the guide focusses on Forres, where Shakespeare located King Duncan’s Castle and Elgin Cathedral which, while not existing in Macbeth’s time, it is said a mortally wounded Duncan was carried to Elgin following his battle with Macbeth in 1040.

Moray/Speyside Tourism’s Cameron Taylor was a co-author of ‘On the Trail of the Real Macbeth’ and served as an advisor on the guide.

Chair of the Moray Economic Partnership, John Cowe, said: “Macbeth’s true story has been part of Moray’s heritage and history for hundreds of years.

“So I am delighted to see that VisitScotland’s ‘Macbeth – The Man, Myth and Legend’ trail focuses on the real Macbeth, as well as on the areas made famous by Shakespeare – such as ‘a blasted heath near Forres’.  I am sure that fans of the new film and the Bard will enjoy discovering these atmospheric places.”

Shona Ferguson from Brodie Castle added: “This is not the first time these mystical beings have visited Brodie Castle – last year we were the venue for the stunning production, Macbeth the Remix.

“And of course, we’re in the shadow of the spot where it’s said the witches were first encountered by Macbeth.”

On September 27, director Justin Kurzel, Academy Award nominee Michael Fassbender and Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard, who plays Lady Macbeth, will attend the UK premiere of the film at Festival Theatre Edinburgh.

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