Hollywood myth is exposed as the Real Macbeth story is told

JUST IN TIME to debunk the fictional Hollywood blockbuster that lends its storyline more to drama than fact, a new documentary is being launched in Forres this week that discovers the truth behind Macbeth.

Gossip has been rife for months around Moray that plans were in place to ensure that the tale of the legendary Scottish King was revealed – and it is one very different to that related in the multi-million pound movie that enjoyed a recent glittering premier in Edinburgh.

Production of ‘The Real Macbeath’ came about when a group of friends thought it would be an idea to reveal the truth about the most successful and well-loved King of Scotland, as opposed to the more embellished version offered by William Shakespeare.

Behind the production of the documentary shot around Moray is Sara Brockbank, who said: “When I asked local school children about Macbeth, I was surprised to hear that most of them thought that he was at best a myth but more than likely just a character in a William Shakespeare play.

“Only one or two of them actually knew that he was a real man – and a successful and charismatic King of Scotland.”

Sara gathered a small band of filmmakers together to put the record straight – and an ideal man to join the group was local Macbeth scholar and author, Cameron Taylor, who agreed to face the camera and relate the tale of the real Macbeath.

Cameron said: “I was delighted to hear about this production and very excited when I was asked not only to be the advisor to the crew but also to stand in front of the camera telling the story.

“When Alistair Murray and I wrote ‘On the Trail of the Real Macbeth’ a couple of years ago we always thought it would make a great production. It was a story that really needed to get out there to combat the image of Macbeth as presented by Shakespeare.”

Sara Brockbank and Alex Wright during filming.
Sara Brockbank and Alex Wright during filming.

To ensure the story was presented from the start on an authentic footing, filming was centred on Moray as well as other parts of Scotland – giving the production the landscape on which events actually took place over 1000 years ago.

Now the film has been completed and is ready to have its own Premiere – perhaps not as glittering as the Hollywood version, but in the more austere Forres Town Hall tomorrow (Thursday) evening.

Sara said: “Although there may not be a red carpet laid by the door or any Hollywood superstars dripping with bling, everyone who does attend will be treated like royalty as is fitting for a story about a King.”

The showing at 7pm tomorrow is free although tickets should be booked in advance via www.therealmacbeth.com by registering on the site, where details are also available on purchasing a copy of the documentary as a download or on DVD.