Moray Ladies show they care for their local environment

Ready for action - Caroline Forster, Pam Macdonald, Sheila Campbell, Jennifer Main, Lynn Cowie and myself.
Ready for action – Caroline Forster, Pam Macdonald, Sheila Campbell, Jennifer Main, Lynn Cowie and Sheila Forbes.

SIX COMMUNITY SPIRITED women spotted a pink child’s car seat dumped on the road towards the cemetery in Lossiemouth – and rather than just tut-tut at unthinking people who cared little for their environment, decided to take action of their own.

The ladies enjoy a regular walk each Tuesday morning and so decided that perhaps an added purpose to their recreation should be helping keep their route clear of rubbish.

So it was that yesterday morning the four armed themselves with litter picks and rubbish bags as they set out on their regular stroll.

“We got the equipment we needed from Moray Council who are only too happy to help anyone out if they are seeking to help keep our beautiful Moray looking as nature intended,” Sheila Forbes told insideMoray.

She added: “We set about along our regular walk to the cemetery and back picking up litter from the verge of the road.

“In all we filled 11 bags full of rubbish – include the pink car seat that started it all. That is now shredded down but we also picked up a black bag full of hoses and a hypodermic needle.

“Before we had even set out we picked up a bag that was itself full of discarded dog-poo bags so perhaps we need a dog poo bin at the small car park beside the cemetery.”

A spokesman for the Lossiemouth Community Council said: “We are delighted and grateful to the ladies for their public-spirited action.

“The shame is that others in our community are not so ready to recognise the importance of protecting our own environment, if people simply disposed of their litter in a responsible manner then this sort of action would not be required.

“It is a matter that will again be high on our agenda next week, one that causes concern for most communities not just in Lossiemouth but throughout Moray.”

With there collected litter
With there collected litter