NHS and Trading Standards warn of new bogus calling scam

Bogus Callers alert in Moray
Bogus Callers alert in Moray

BOGUS TELEPHONE CALLERS have moved into a new area of fraudulent attempts on Moray residents according to warnings being issued by Trading Standards.

Complaints have been made to trading standards and NHS Grampian staff that callers pretending to offer help are actually selling expensive specialist beds and chairs.

The cold callers often claim – or give the impression – that they are working for the NHS when that is not the case. It is a scam that is now being reported to be growing throughout the country.

Specialist NHS nursing staff in Moray have been reporting several home care patients who have received the calls that attempt to arrange visits “to provide therapy”. However, the patients report that when the caller arrived their real purpose becomes clear – to sell specialists items such as mattresses, rise-and-recline chairs and other therapeutic aids.

Peter Adamson from Moray Trading Standards said the latest practice was under investigation by officers throughout the country: “We would ask that people are careful about who they let into their home.

“These businesses are using clever telephone techniques to make it appear that they have confidential information about the patient’s condition and treatment to arrange a home visit.

“Once in a person’s home, they will use unscrupulous and persuasive tactics to secure a quick sale but their claims will often turn out to be false or the goods are not suitable.”

Adding that NHS Grampian was concerned that patients were being targeted in this manner, Mr Adamson said: “They wished to reassure the community at large that at no time was personal information shared with external agencies or service providers without the explicit consent from the individual patient.

“Patients who are approached can also speak to their district or specialist nurse as well as their allied health professional for advice around provision of equipment.”