Community pledges to fight back as vandals strike again

Vandal attacks angering local community leaders
Vandal attacks have angered local community leaders

A MORAY COMMUNITY has been left counting the cost yet again after vandals struck at their local toilet facilities for the third time this year.

Following vandal attacks on the toilet blocks at either end of the Lossiemouth Promenade earlier this year, increased efforts were put in place in an effort at ensuring they remained open to residents and visitors.

The latest attack on the toilet block on the southern end of the Promenade has, however, left community leaders angry and frustrated – and now it looks likely that they will be closed to the public until at least the Spring.

Local councillor John Cowe said: “For over a year now community volunteers have been locking the toilet block in Station Park every evening, action that was forced upon us by continued vandal attacks.

“Significant damage was done to the Promenade toilets earlier this year and again a voluntary scheme was put in place to lock them each night, where previously they had remained open 24 hours a day for use by the many locals and visitors during the summer months.

“Unfortunately yet again mindless vandals have caused considerable damage to the toilets and that leaves us little option but to close them permanently for the time being. It really is frustrating for people living in this community that we have those among us who carry out such attacks.

“There are many, many people who are working their socks off to maintain and enhance public facilities in Lossiemouth – but then along comes these mindless idiots who take some perverse pleasure from destroying public facilities just because they can.”

Community Asset Transfer

Promenade - partial community asset transfer planned.
Promenade – partial community asset transfer planned.

Councillor Cowe revealed that only this week the Lossiemouth Community Development Trust has taken the first steps towards a Community Asset Transfer that would see them taking control of the pavilion at Station Park and both toilet blocks.

He said: “These are people who care for their community enough to not only take on the additional responsibility but who are making real efforts to enhance facilities in the town.

“Every household in Lossiemouth is currently seeing a document delivered to their homes outlining the exciting plans the LCDT has for the town – but they cannot do any of these things as long as there are those in the community determined to undermine that work.”

Last night a spokesman for the LCDT confirmed that they were even more determined to go ahead with their plans – but appealed to the community to help by reporting any vandal attacks they witness in the town.

He said: “It is unfortunate that in the very week we reveal our plans yet another vandal attack is recorded on the buildings we are seeking to assume control of.

“Lossiemouth is a beautiful, wonderful place to live and our aim is to make it even more attractive for residents and visitors. We need help to do that, we certainly don’t need vandals in our community believing that they can get away with these attacks – but there is no need for them to think that if our community works together and reports their activities.”

Anyone who may have information about the latest incident or any other vandal attacks in Lossiemouth or throughout Moray is asked to contact police on 101.