Local Labour party lays down a tax credit challenge

Sean Morton - challenge over Tax Credit
Sean Morton – challenge over Tax Credit

A CHALLENGE HAS been issued to the Moray Conservative party this week following the launch of campaign aimed at halting tax credit cuts.

Moray Labour has launched their party’s campaign against the cuts that they say will see around 4000 families being hit.

Launching the campaign was Fochabers/Lhanbryde councillor Sean Morton, who said: “Three million families will be affected by this cut. In Moray alone around 4000 families will be hit.

“The Government should not be targeting families who work hard day after day just to get by. Labour introduced tax cuts to make hard work pay – we’re not going to sit back and let the Tories hit Moray’s families hard.”

Joining Labour’s national campaign to seek a change of direction by David Cameron, Councillor Morton called on his Tory counterparts in Moray to back that call.  He said: “Labour is calling on David Cameron to stop the tax credit cut and we’re asking the Tories here in Moray to join our call.

“Their General Election candidate stood on a manifesto that made no mention of tax credit cuts. The PM insisted there would be no tax credit cuts. They need to abandon this unfair attack and support Labour’s call the stop the tax credit cuts.

“Yes, we need to balance the books, but the way to do that isn’t by slashing the hard-earned tax credits of working families. We’re asking people all over the country to send a message to David Cameron by signing our petition.”

The Labour Party petition can be found online at http://www.labour.org.uk/page/s/tory-tax-credit-cut