Long tailbacks after vehicles collide on busy A96 near Elgin

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Police were quick to control traffic issues after A96 crash caused long tailbacks

TRAFFIC WAS BROUGHT to a shuddering halt on a busy commuter route in Moray on Wednesday when two vehicles collided on the A96 east of Elgin.

A blue Corsa had veered off the main carriageway and crashed into a small bridge after colliding with a VW Passat.

The accident brought emergency services to the scene at around 2.50pm and blocked the eastbound carriageway – thankfully, neither driver involved suffered injury.

Motorists had to deal with long tailbacks in both directions as police sought to assert control over the situation, eventually having both vehicles removed in sufficient time to restore use of both carriageways in time for the evening rush hour.

“Vehicle recovery crews arrived fairly quickly and the road was completely cleared again by 5.10pm,” a spokeswoman for Police Scotland said.