Under fire nursing home operators insist improvements under way

Forres nursing home heavily criticised
Forres nursing home heavily criticised

THE OWNERS OF a Moray care home that was the subject of scathing criticism after a surprise inspection visit have insisted that across-the-board improvements have already been made.

A report on the Cathay Care Home near Forres by the Care Inspectorate spoke of a “staffing crisis” that had led to the proper care of elderly residents not being met by under-trained and highly pressured staff.

Inspectors say that during their visit they found that there was insufficient staff on duty and those who were at work were finding it difficult to cope “under extreme pressure”. The report said: “Residents were having to wait for long periods before they got help to get up and go to the toilet, and there were several incidents where residents were left in their rooms until almost lunchtime.

“Some residents and relatives spoke to us about baths not being given, being unable to find out when their relative had last had a shower and of personal care and nail care being poor.”

Inspectors said that they saw examples where residents appeared to have gone for 12 hours or more with nothing to eat or drink, adding: “There was a lack of documentation to support otherwise – although the management felt this could not have been the case and it was more a recording issue.

“There is currently a staff crisis in the home which the provider and management were actively trying to resolve.”

The home is operated by Care Concern Ltd., for whom directors vowed drastic improvements had already been made and would continue to be made.

A spokesman for the company said that the home was now under new management: “The home is currently working closely with older peoples services in the area to improve standards across the board.

“External health clinicians, social work, residents and their families along with staff and new management have commented on the significant improvements that have already been noted in a short timescale from the date of the inspection.”