Compact aims to work for the people of Moray

Anita Milne and Fabio Villani launch the 2015 Compact 

A NEW CONSULTATION draft has been launched aimed at laying out how public agencies and the third sector will work together with and for the people of Moray.

Officially launched at the Moray Federation of Community Halls and Association’s annual general meeting, the draft recognises that public agencies and the third sector are working much closer together as members of the Moray Community Planning Partnership.

“It is great to see the new Compact taking shape”, the Federation Convener, Anita Milne, commented after the draft agreement was signed.  She added: “The last version dates back to 2008, and things are very different now from what they were then.

“Public agencies are working much closer together as part of the Moray Community Planning Partnership, and they are recognising the ever increasing role community groups and voluntary associations can play in identifying and meeting local needs and aspirations.”

Chief Officer at tsiMORAY, Fabio Villani, agreed, saying that the third sector is already “deeply involved” in designing and delivering public services in Moray.

He added: “Increasing demand and diminishing resources will see the third sector role developing further, and the new Compact will enhance partnership working between public agencies and the third sector for the benefit of the people of Moray.

“The draft Compact sets out the shared values and principles underpinning partnership working, as well as the practicalities of working together through mutual commitments and agreed protocols.”

The draft Compact is available in both summary and full-text forms from tsiMORAY at 30/32 High Street, Elgin, or by calling 01343 541713 or visiting

The consultation will run until 29 February 2016.