Fears over ‘concussed’ motorcyclist who left scene of crash

Poor road conditions blamed for two accidents
Poor road conditions blamed for two accidents

A MOTOR CYCLIST who walked away from an accident on the main Elgin to Lossiemouth road on Thursday is being sought by police concerned for his safety.

Two motorcycles were reported to have been involved in the accident at around 5pm on the Elgin to Coleburn section of the road.

The bikes had been travelling in convoy with a third – which continued towards Lossiemouth unaware of the accident.

A passenger on one of the bikes involved was taken by ambulance to Dr Gray’s in Elgin – however, a second man who had been treated at the scene for head injuries left saying he wanted to walk to the hospital.

Police stressed last night that they wished to locate the man as they were concerned for his safety, a spokeswoman saying: “There were three motorcycles involved, riding in convoy, but the three did not collide – one continued driving unaware the other two had crashed.

“One started to walk to Dr Gray’s and paramedics believe he may have banged his head and might have suffered a concussion so was not thinking clearly. Our inquiries are ongoing to trace the man walking to hospital and others involved.

“Officers are still trying to find him – just from a welfare point of view and for his own safety.”

It is believed that poor road conditions were to blame for the accident and a second that happened just a few miles away on the Elgin to Duffus B9012 around an hour later.

In that accident a Vauxhall Corsa ended up on its side. Fire, police and ambulance staff attended the scene but fortunately the driver was unharmed.