Last post for Batchen Street as consultations close next week

Batchen Street Post Office to move?
Batchen Street Post Office latest to move?

A DECISION ON moving Elgin’s main Post Office to a new location will be made after public consultations come to a close next week.

Local residents have been responding to plans to move the Batchen Street Post Office to a modernised and expanded facility in Weston House on South Street.

The proposals are part of a massive national effort to modernise post office counter services throughout the UK, with proposals in place for a number of offices in Moray – some of which have already moved to new locations providing greater service levels and longer opening hours.

Part of the criteria being adopted by the Post Office is that their local offices are cited at new or existing businesses that are already supported by sales of other goods, so lessening the dependence on postal service management payments.

For Elgin the new Post Office would boast opening hours from 7am until 10pm seven days a week, with the new branch having four main serving positions alongside the retail counter at the new shop.

Post Office regional manager Suzanne Richardson said: “We understand how important having a post office it to residents in Elgin and we are confident that this new modern Post Office service will meet the needs of the local community and secure services for the future.”

Consultations on the move close on November 11 – views on the Elgin proposal can be sent by email to or by telephone to 03457 223344.

If the move goes through it is likely that it will take place by the Spring of 2016.