Moray dogs get their free chips ahead of new law

Several dogs 'chipped' in Moray ahead of new law
Several dogs ‘chipped’ in Moray ahead of new law

SEVERAL MORAY DOGS are now fully meeting new compulsory regulations being introduced by the Scottish Government from April.

It will be compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped after a consultation study in 2014 revealed that 83% of those taking part were in favour of the move.

Compulsory microchipping laws are also being introduced in England and Wales at the same time – a move that it is believed will significantly reduce the number of lost and abandoned pets throughout the UK.

On Friday, Moray’s MP and MSP were on hand at a ‘free chipping’ event in held at the New Elgin and Ashgrove Public Hall in Elgin, where Dogs Trust representatives were on hand to explain the benefits of the new law.

Mr Robertson said: “Microchipping is a simple and effective tool which helps to rapidly reunite lost or straying pets with their owners. This in turn reduces the number of healthy dogs unnecessarily put to sleep.

“I was very pleased to be able to host Dogs Trust at a free microchipping event in Moray, which not only helped people comply with the new legislation at no cost but also provided valuable advice and information to dog owners about the legislation and other aspects of dog ownership.”

His Holyrood colleague Richard Lochhead added: “Scotland is a nation of animal lovers and so we must do all we can to safeguard dog welfare and promote responsible ownership.

“Dogs Trust are great supporters of microchipping and it is fantastic that over two thirds of dogs in Scotland have been microchipped on a voluntary basis.

“Events like this continue to push that figure higher and raise awareness amongst dog owners that they need to get their dog chipped for April next year.”