Savings from new joint waste disposal plant are not rubbish

Nether Dallachy landfill ceases to be an option in 2020
Nether Dallachy landfill ceases to be an option in 2020

AN IMPORTANT STEP towards a joint waste disposal effort by three north-east local authorities was agreed this week in the Moray Council chamber.

Councillors agreed that Moray should take the first steps in a joint agreement with Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire councils to develop a new disposal plant near Aberdeen.

The move was brought about by new Scottish Government regulations that ban dumping of organic waste into landfill sites that takes effect in 2020. From then all three local authorities would be required to have in place new methods of disposing of non-recyclable waste which is currently sent to Nether Dallachy.

Councillors concluded that the best interests of Moray would be better served through the collaboration deal on the creation of the new energy-from-waste facility, which would ultimately cost £180million with Moray required to provide £25million.

The Capital expenditure would see Moray paying £1.8million in loan charges each year for the next 25 years – however, that is a deal less than the £2.25million annual costs incurred by Moray in landfill tax.