Scottish Labour plan to give £1k to head teachers for ‘poorer children’

Kezia Dugdale – plans to give £1000 to Head Teachers

COUNCILLORS WOULD BE taken out of the decision-making process on what is best for the education of children from poorer families if a plan by Scottish Labour is adopted.

Under the move be proposed by Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, who is the daughter of a former Moray school teacher, Head Teachers would be handed £1000 for every poor child in their schools.

They would then have the discretion on how to use the “Fair Start Fund” being proposed by the Scottish Labour leader, who insists that Head Teachers are better placed to make decisions over the educational needs of deprived children in their charge.

The move by the former Bishopmill Primary pupil would come in an amendment to the Education Bill – but would require the backing from a majority of MSPs in an SNP-controlled Scottish Government.

“Education is the single most important economic policy we can pursue,” Ms Dugdale said, adding: “If we can give every child a world-class education then they and Scotland will be able to take advantage of the amazing opportunities the future will bring.”

Ms Dugdale said that to pay for the plan she would increase the top rate of income tax to 50% when the power over taxation is devolved to the Scottish Parliament.