Broch’s annual harbour swimmers splash out a £11k bonus

'Touch of Tartan' crew took on the Boxing Day Swim at Burghead (
‘Touch of Tartan’ crew took on the Boxing Day Swim at Burghead (Fiona Caldwell/Facebook)

BURGHEAD’S BOXING DAY dippers endured a soaking even before they entered the water at the weekend – but still emerged smiling having raised over £11,000 for local charities.

There were fears for the annual event over the last few months as the harbour swim struggled to find new leadership to take it forward. However, those fears were dispelled by the entry of local man Jamie Campbell, who has assumed the post of Chairman.

Having raised over £250,000 in a highly successful run over 30 years, the swim managed to draw in another 113 swimmers for this year’s event for which the proceeds will be split between the local Buckie Lifeboat fund and Macmillan Cancer Research.

Event secretary Helen Main said: “It was raining – the first time it has rained since we have been running the event – but we raised over £11,000 so far with more still to come in. It has become a traditional event that is very much part of the community.”

Outgoing Chairman and Treasurer for the event, Calum McDougall, had the ‘honour’ of being the first to leap into Burghead Harbour and was joined by his two sons for Saturday’s event.

Amongst the swimmers was Hopeman’s Vivien Hendry who was taking part for the first time as a member of the ‘Touch of Tartan’ team, who were cajoled into taking part in the swim as part of her friend Fiona Caldwell’s 40th birthday celebrations.

Last in the water was Russell Main who had missed just two of the 30 Boxing Day swims – this year he was joined in the leap by his son Cameron.