Game for a laugh council chiefs issue a ‘selfie’ challenge

Council staff invited on a 'big game hunt' for Corporate Directors
Council staff invited on a ‘big game hunt’ for Corporate Directors

CORPORATE DIRECTORS AT Moray Council are taking part in a Christmas competition they hope will raise their profile and make themselves “more conspicuous” to staff members.

In the Moray Council staff magazine ‘Connect Monthly’, staff have been laid a Christmas challenge – to snaffle a corporate director whenever they can and request a ‘selfie’ with one or all of them.

The unusual move will see Chief Executive Roddy Burns and his Corporate Directors Mark Palmer, Rhona Gunn and Laurence Findlay become targets for every staff member – with a prize on offer for the best selfie taken before Christmas.

The magazine says: “Although it is a bit of fun, there is a more serious side to the competition.

“Senior management visibility has increased with the advent of the annual employee conference, corporate management team members taking it in turn to contribute the monthly Inside Story in Connect and the continuing service learning visits.

“As a result of the two most recent employee surveys, senior management are keen to raise their profiles even further and to make themselves more conspicuous to all of us in the organisation.

“One of the key aims of the workforce culture group is to ensure that issues arising from the employee surveys are addressed – and CMT will be actively promoting themselves by inviting any of us to stop them for a ‘selfie’.”

A Council staff member told insideMoray: “Someone in the council clearly has too much time on their hands coming up with this. People are worried for their jobs and yet they come up with this stunt, I guess to give the impression that senior managers are up for a bit of fun.”

Another made contact to say: “It is I suppose intended as a bit of fun in the run up to Christmas, and to be fair senior management do appear to be making efforts to improve their relationship with staff – but I’m just not sure this is the way to go about it.”