Mr Q helps plead the case for prospective dog owners to think

Mr Q - his last Christmas as a celebrity at the Scottish Parliament
Mr Q – his last Christmas as a celebrity at the Scottish Parliament

AN ANNUAL MESSAGE for anyone planning on introducing a new pet dog to their family as a Christmas gift has drawn a special Parliamentary warning.

Dennis Robertson MSP largely plays second-fiddle at the Scottish Parliament where his ever-present companion and guide dog, Mr Q, grasps much of the attention.

However, as this will be Mr Q’s last Christmas as a working dog in the Scottish Parliament, he is lending his support to the work of animal charities – and highlighting the need for people to think through all the consequences and responsibilities of taking a new pet into their home for many years.

Speaking on behalf of his side-kick, Dennis Robertson said: “Without the help and support of my pal Mr Q, I wouldn’t be able to live as independent a life as I do – so I’m very passionate about making sure dogs like him all have a loving home which meets their needs.

“A dog is a great companion and is well known as man’s best friend – and the ‘a dog is for life not just for Christmas’ slogan is one that bears repeating. Too many people throughout the year – but particularly over the festive period – take on dogs and other pets without being sure that they have the capacity to look after them properly.

“Dogs and other pets deserve to live in loving households which meet their needs – which is why everyone should heed Mr Q’s call to ‘paws for thought’ to consider whether they will be able to look after a dog properly before they commit to taking one in this Christmas.

“My message today is that if you aren’t sure that you’ll be able to commit to giving a new pet the attention and care it deserves then the best thing to do is to leave it to be homed by another family – but if people are confident they can look after a pet properly, I hope they form as strong a bond as I have with my pal Mr Q!”