Public meeting called to discuss future for local shop

Garmouth - call for a public meeting over local shop
Garmouth – call for a public meeting over local shop

A COUNCILLOR IS calling a public meeting to discuss the future of a Moray village shop.

Describing the situation at the Garmouth community shop as “becoming quite serious”, local councillor Sean Morton said the venture – now being manned by local volunteers – may need a ‘community cooperative’ to survive.

The local general store in the coastal village closed and a replacement subsequently opened in the Garmouth Hotel providing daily essential items to the village community.

After holding discussions over the current situation with local residents, Councillor Morton said: “The situation with the village shop is becoming quite serious.

“Obviously everyone knows that the old store closed and a new smaller outlet opened in the Garmouth Hotel. That venture is now being manned by local volunteers in order to keep the shop providing the daily essentials.

“But there is a real worry, as with all these local services, that if villagers don’t use it – they’ll lose it. There are many ways that the community could save the shop and turn into something viable that really suits their needs.

“A community cooperative is something that could flourish in the area, for example. So I’m arranging a public meeting through the council as soon as possible to discuss all these options and see if we can’t find a way to keep this last remaining shop in Garmouth.”

Councillor Morton hopes to reveal more details of the planned public meeting next week.