Regeneration scheme reports good progress in Elgin

Elgin's regeneration scheme is making good progress
Elgin’s regeneration scheme is making good progress

A REGENERATION SCHEME aimed at restoring and preserving Elgin High Street is progressing well, according to the latest report published this week.

The Elgin Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS) was born from an appraisal in 2012 of the town’s conservation area which takes in the entire length of the High Street.

From that appraisal a management plan was produced and with funding from Historic Scotland, Elgin BID, the Elgin Fund and Moray Council, Elgin CARS has set out to inspire and motivate collective action aimed at transforming the area.

A £3.3million scheme, Elgin CARS will run until March 2018, overseen by a management group that includes representation from its funders, Moray College UHI and local councillors.

Chair of the management group is Jim Royan, who in the latest CARS update highlights the work being undertaken in restoring vacant upper stories of High Street buildings.

Mr Royan says: “As the scheme progresses it is encouraging to see interest in restoring vacant upper stories grow. We are delighted to have received expressions of interest in some of the vacant properties and discussions are ongoing.

“Hopefully this could mean some of our larger buildings will be given a new lease of life, which would of course be excellent for the town centre. The management group was pleased with the response to the offer of a CARS funded building condition survey – 30 property owners took advantage of the opportunity and have now received a detailed report.

“Although the results were somewhat concerning given the level of work required, a significant portion of the Elgin CARS budget will be set aside to contribute to repairs in the New Year.”

Mr Royan added that there will also be work starting on enhancing the closes and lanes along the High Street from the spring, adding that there was also “still a substantial budget” available for improvements to shop fronts.

Further information of the work being undertaken by Elgin CARS can be found online.