As the bells fade Cullen sets its sights firmly on 2017

Cullen - community council putting plans in place for New Year 2017
Cullen – community council putting plans in place for New Year 2017

AS THE DECORATIONS are tucked away and people get back to work after the festivities this morning, one Moray community is already planning big for the Hogmanay 2017.

Community councillors in Cullen have launched ambitious plans to ensure their town celebrates the end of 2016 with “something completely different” – but they are not quite sure what just yet.

Looking around them at celebrations in other Moray towns and villages, the Cullen and Deskford Community Council are hoping to formulate plans this year that will give their coastal residents reason to enjoy a “real community event” at the end of the year.

“At this stage we’re not sure what form the celebration should take,” community council secretary Carol Wood said, adding that members had been thinking over the issue for some time and were not planning to put it up for discussion at their next meeting.

She said: “It might be a street party – but it could be something completely different, potentially it would be really fantastic to do something like this as people from other coastal villages near to us could gather in Cullen as well as residents from further afield.”

Ms Wood added that what they were seeking as a real community event that would involve local businesses and people from all age groups.

The community council will discuss ideas at their meeting on Tuesday, January 26 in the Cullen Community Centre, and would welcome attendance from members of the public who might have their own thoughts.