Carer to Comedian to Moray – Nicky set for Elgin talk

Nicky Clark - carer to comedian
Nicky Clark – carer to comedian

LIFETIME CARER TO taking the stage as a comedian is perhaps not the career path Nicky Clark expected for herself – but at 47-years-old that is exactly how things panned out.

Now Nicky is heading to Elgin next month where she will deliver a keynote speech to unpaid carers in the Moray area – and doubtless she will be able to put a lighter touch on a very serious subject.

Nicky is to take part in the latest stage of development for Moray’s updated unpaid carer strategy, part of the new integrated Moray Health and Social Care Partnership. The ‘Caring Together in Moray’ strategy is aimed at building on the work carried out over the past five years.

The comedian will address an event in Elgin Town Hall on Friday, February 12, where her audience will learn how she has been principal carer for her two daughters, both of whom have autism, for the past 20 years. She also became carer for her mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s until her death in 2011.

Her life as a carer provided material for her new found role as a stand-up comedian, a role she is loving with Nicky commenting on her own website: “After 20 years of being too scared, I started doing stand-up.

“Perhaps it’s because at 47 I did not have the same insecurities I had at 27, or perhaps it’s actually closer to 30 years and I’m too vain to say that. But whatever time frame, life is too short to procrastinate any longer.

“I tell stories rather than flat out gags and I’m loving every minute of the writing and performing.”

Moray Council’s carers’ strategy development officer, Aimee Borzoni, is hoping that carers will take part in February’s event: “We value very highly the essential contribution carers make to Moray and we are determined to make sure that carers have the help and support they need to continue in their caring role if they choose to and have a life outside of caring.

“By getting the views of people actually doing the caring we can make sure we respond to what is important to them and what will make a positive difference to them in their role.”

The February 12 event takes place from 9.30am to 3pm with lunch provided. Places can be booked by calling 01343 567153 or e-mailing

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