Claire court’s trouble in the PR racket

Claire Doughty - no truth that she was typing a PR release when she tried a badminton shot...
Claire Doughty – no truth in the rumour that she was typing a press release when playing badminton…

PUBLIC RELATIONS IN Moray takes a lot of hard work and dedication – getting the clients message out there by hook or by crook – or, for one PR executive right now, by stookie.

Clients at Claire Doughty’s Chit Chat PR & Digital are being urged not to expect her to run along to their offices with breaking news releases – but she is promising to get there despite taking a badminton challenge just a little bit too seriously.

That is because this week Claire is managing to be the story rather than braking them after she managed to snap her Achilles tendon while playing badminton.

“We specialise in crisis management at Chit Chat PR and this for me is a bit of a headache,” poor Claire complained as she looked forward to being ‘plastered’ for eight weeks.

“However, always looking for an opportunity to make the best out of a situation, I decided to get my cast done in the Chit Chat colours of blue and orange. I’m always on the lookout for ideas for publicity for our clients, this time, I used our skills for our business.”

Claire’s company has come on tremendously since she set sail into the world of media relations, quickly establishing her Forres-based business into the place to go for local firms wishing to get their message to as wide an audience as possible as quickly as possible.

And Claire is determined that the little matter of hobbling around on one leg for a while will not hold her back from getting the news out there, as the Secretary of the Forres Business Association said: “Joking aside, our clients are obviously very important to us, we don’t want to leave them in limb-o, so with a few tweaks to the diary we will make sure our customers are still well looked after.”