Final call today for new school entrants in August

Deadline day for August school entrants

PARENTS ARE BEING warned that today is the deadline for registering children who are beginning their primary school education in August.

Children need to be registered at their local primary school regardless of which school their parents or carers ultimately wish them to attend.

A spokesman for the local authority said it was vital that children were registered on time to ensure that schools were in a position to put in place transition arrangements prior to the start of the new school session.

The spokesman added: “The transition period is important in helping to familiarise parents with all aspects of the school and school life and there are also opportunities for children to be brought into school during the transition period to introduce them to their new surroundings.

“It is also important for the council as education authority to know how many children will be enrolling at any particular school so that appropriate arrangements can be made in advance of the new intake.

“Failure to register by the deadline could lessen the chances of a child being enrolled at the school of their parents’ preference.”

New primary school zones in Elgin became effective from January 5 with the exception of the new south-east Elgin zone which will only come into effect when the proposed new school to serve that part of the town is established.