Moray coastal communities warned of high tides and strong winds

High spring tides and strong winds predicted for early next week (pic: Rainer Herbert)

THE LARGE WAVES hammering into Moray coastal communities over the last week look like they may just be the precursor to even larger tides arriving early next week.

With the Met Office reporting a deep low depression crossing Scotland from the north-west from Sunday until Tuesday, coastal communities look set to be hit with some very strong winds of up to 45mph – and that will coincide with higher tides that reach their maximum with the spring tide on Tuesday.

The constellation of a spring tide coinciding with low pressure and strong winds pushing the water into the Moray Firth can cause higher than usual tide levels all along the Moray coast – prompting local experts to advise people living along the coastline to keep a close eye on wind predictions over this weekend and the following days.

A Met Office spokesman also warned that the long range prediction signals these tides will be followed by a brief colder spell from the middle of next week.

The highest tides are predicted for the following days and times (based on Lossiemouth):

Sunday, January 10 – 12noon
Monday, January 11 – 12.32am and 12.40pm
Tuesday, January 12 – 1.09am and 1.46pm