Movie shot on location in Moray to premier in Rotterdam

Bodkin Ras - shot on location in Forres, Premier in Rotterdam
Bodkin Ras – shot on location in Forres, Premier in Rotterdam

A MOVIE THAT was shot entirely on location in Forres and partly funded by public donations has been selected to premiere at the prestigious Rotterdam International Film Festival.

‘Bodkin Ras’ was the first feature film produced by writer/director Kaweh Modiri, who had already earned critical acclaim for his short film ‘My Burglar and I’ at the Rotterdam festival in 2011.

The only acted character in the film is the lead role of Bodkin Ras, played by Sohrab Bayat. Bodkin arrives in the town on the run, and the film explores the reactions of the real inhabitants of Forres towards the arrival of the mysterious incomer.

Residents would recognise several faces in the movie as it drew much of its cast from the ordinary people of Forres. The film is a mix of documentary and fiction where the real stories of the town’s inhabitants are as fascinating as that of its only acted character.

Bero Beyer, director of the Rotterdam Film Festival, said: “Bodkin Ras is an extraordinary film by a talented maker – the fascinating interplay of the real life characters gives this beautiful hybrid film a magical touch. It is a very refreshing project.”

The film has been produced by Revolver Amsterdam, and co-produced by Inti Films in Belgium. Its crew built up relationships with key personalities within the town and spent several weeks camping in Forres in order to get the footage they needed.

The result is described as “a hauntingly honest and open insight into the lives of the Forres residents”.

The film premieres in Rotterdam on February 2.