Tests for sewers along Moray harbour follows treatment plant ‘issues’

Veolia plant near Lossiemouth – tests

PEOPLE IN LOSSIEMOUTH are being advised not to be alarmed at the sight of manhole covers being raised next week and water samples taken along the harbour front.

Tests are being carried out in the town following ongoing issues with seawater ingress experienced by Veolia at their Oakenhead Wood treatment works on the outskirts of the town.

A spokesman said that since the high tides at the end of September, Veolia have experienced “ongoing issues” into the sewer system and that is affected treatment at the works. The spokesman added: “Next week we are aiming to do some testing in the Lossiemouth area to track the source of the ingress, as the high tides are in daylight hours.

“The work will involve lifting various manhole covers to observe and take samples as well as looking at CSO outlets and flap valves.

“As the low level sewers are all along the harbour front it is likely that there will be some interest, especially if the process is extended and repeated.

“I expect that we will have to repeat the process until we have identified the source(s). An update will be provided of progress and any more intrusive works that are deemed necessary.”

The inspection works will come at a time when the Moray coastline is expecting to be on the end of high spring tides, with the Met Office reporting that these may be reinforced by winds of up to 45mph.