Towering waves batter the coast – but problematic wind and rain lightens up

Cullen Harbour on Sunday (Pic: Colin Anderson)
Cullen Harbour on Sunday (Pic: Colin Anderson)

THE TORRENTIAL RAIN that wreaked havoc in the north east may finally be at an end for now, with forecasters predicting cold but drier weather arriving this week.

However, the week has already begun with some of the highest tides of the month hammering onto coastal defences on Sunday, with more peak spring tides today and tomorrow sparking fears for those living along the Moray Firth.

Noon on Sunday saw enormous waves testing sea walls to the full – but the high winds that were predicted to coincide with the spring tides has so far not materialised, and forecasters are now saying that these will remain relatively light.

Flood-hit communities in Aberdeenshire have already began the long road to recovery, with insurers saying that the cost to communities could be as high as £1.3billion. For the entire north east the challenge this week would appear to be icy roads as temperatures fall to the levels normally expected at this time of the year.

“It will be a bright day today with just a few showers perhaps but these will be relatively light,” a Met Office spokesman said, adding: “Winds will also remain relatively light. It will become cloudier into Tuesday with perhaps a few heavier showers – freezing temperatures will, however, be the main issue in Moray as they fall to -2c overnight.

“That will be pretty much the picture for the rest of the week as it becomes colder towards Thursday and Friday.”