Warmest, wettest December on record – but not so much in Moray

December was warmest and wettest on record
December was warmest and wettest on record for the UK

IN TERMS OF record breaking weather the last month of 2015 will long be remembered as a remarkable one.

Statistics revealed by the Met Office this week has shown that December was the warmest ever recorded since records began in 1910 – and drew an end to what was the sixth wettest year in over 100 years.

The records kept tumbling with few people on the receiving end surprised to learn that December not only recorded the greatest rainfall for the last month of a the year – but now stands as the wettest single month ever recorded.

In terms of temperatures people were basking in warmth that they would expect to be experiencing in April or May. A Met Office spokesman said: “Along with the remarkable warmth, there has been a virtual complete lack of air frost across much of England, with the UK as a whole saw just 2.6 days of air frost on average for December – that is eight days below the long term average.”

There were a few exceptions, the spokesman added, where some seasonal frost did appear – most notably in Scotland.

Moray was one area that escaped much of the remarkable levels of rainfall seen in other parts of the UK – rainfall in the region was at around 1.5x the average for December, but that was at a time when parts of central Scotland was experiencing two and a half times average.