Call for a review of Royal Mail’s closure decision in Lossie

Royal Mail delivery office to close in the Spring
Royal Mail delivery office to close in the Spring

ROYAL MAIL HAVE been asked to explain their reasoning behind closing their delivery office in Lossiemouth by Moray’s MP and MSP.

Angus Robertson said the decision has come as a “huge blow” for thousands living in the town, adding that he has now written to the Chief Executive of Royal Mail expressing his deep concerns over the issue.

Royal Mail confirmed earlier this month that they intended to close the Lossiemouth office as it was “no longer fit for purpose”, insisting that they had attempted to find alternative accommodation in the town but none was available.

A petition has been raised in the town with many constituents writing to Mr Robertson and his Holyrood colleague, Richard Lochhead, pointing out the difficulties the closure will cause in particular for elderly and infirm residents.

Mr Robertson said: “The announcement of the Lossiemouth Delivery Office closure has come as a huge blow to the local community. I am very much aware of the strength of feeling within Lossiemouth at the loss of this service in the town, especially after the closure of the local RBS branch last year.

“I commend those who have taken initiative by petitioning Royal Mail and I have taken steps to ensure that Royal Mail bosses are aware of the community’s anger at these plans and what it will mean for local residents.

“A 12-mile round trip to collect parcels is quite an undertaking particularly for the most vulnerable in our community who may not be able to afford the associated costs, or who may not be fit to make the trip. I have urged Royal Mail to give serious consideration to the important service issue raised by the community.”

Richard Lochhead added: “The local community has expressed significant concern about the closure of the delivery office which would leave the town without a collection point for parcels.

“This is understandable when you consider that many people do not have a car and, of course, there are those who aren’t physically able to make a trip to Elgin by public transport to collect a parcel, not to mention the extra costs involved.

“I am encouraged to hear that many folk in the community have raised their objections by way of a petition which I understand has gained a substantial number of signatures; well over 400 last time I checked.”

Around 430 local residents have already signed a petition raised calling on a review of the decision.