Family pet limped home after being shot

Police involved in latest pet shooting incident around Dufftown
Police involved in latest pet shooting incident around Dufftown

A FAMILY PET that was thought to have been caught in a trap was actually found to have been shot in the shoulder.

Police are now investigating the circumstances surrounding injuries suffered by the cat which limped home on Sunday after being missing from its home at Glen Rinnes near Dufftown for five days.

Owner Faye Winter said the family pet was clearly in some distress had had “shattered bones” sticking out from a wound. She took the pet to a local vet who, after studying X-rays, confirmed that it had been shot.

Tending for her pet at home Ms Winter said: “He was shot on his shoulder so whoever did this was aiming to kill him. I don’t think anyone should get away with doing that.”

Local police inspector for Forres, Grant McCutcheon, said that he was aware of the incident: “We take reports of animal cruelty very seriously and will make every effort to identify the person responsible.”

The incident follows two similar cases that took place in Dufftown in November last year. One of the cats involved lost a leg after being shot with several pellets removed from its head and body.

Police say that anyone who might have information about the incident is asked to contact them on 101 or via the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111 if they wished to remain anonymous.