Highlands University seeking community members to help it progress

University of the Highlands and Islands Moray College – Foundation steers the future

THE UNIVERSITY OF the Highlands and Islands is seeking out members of the communities served by their partner colleges for its community stakeholder group, the Foundation.

The Foundation exists to provide an essential connection between the university and its region, with rector Anton Edwards explaining: “Foundation has up to 120 volunteer representatives, and our collective role is to act as custodian of the university mission – to promote the prospects of our region, its economy, its people and its communities.

“But, associated with that formal role, we also act as ambassadors and provide an important link to and from university partnership across our region.”

The UHI Foundation meets twice a year either in person or by video conference to learn and comment on university progress. Members are also closely associated with one of the 13 partner colleges and research institutions that make up the university.

As public knowledge of the University of the Highlands and Islands grows, the Foundation is seen as a valuable way of highlighting the roles of these partners.

“For our university to act as a force for economic, social and cultural change across the Highlands and Islands, we need representatives from business, public and third sector partners as well as our communities,” explained the rector.

“We’re looking for new members who want to learn about, participate in and influence the activities of the university.

“We want to strengthen and enhance our representation locally by involving members in their most relevant college or research institution. We welcome a diverse mix of ages and backgrounds with the experience and knowledge to help us act as effective stakeholders in the university venture.”

Anyone interested in joining or finding out more should go to the university website.