Local trade union members quiz Moray MP

Changes to Trade Union law high on the Moray agenda
Changes to Trade Union law high on the Moray agenda

LOCAL TRADE UNIONISTS have taken the opportunity to grill Moray’s MP and the leader of the SNP at the House of Commons.

Angus Robertson’s attendance provoked a large turnout for the open meeting of all Trade Union members in Moray, with recently appointed chair Eileen Morrison welcoming the MP.

At a time when changes from Westminster on employment and trade union law is looking to have a major impact on the local workforce, Ms Morrison said it was important that the local MP should be made aware of concerns.

She added: “It is especially important when our local MP is also the leader of one of the major opposition groups in the Commons and has a strong influence over debate in the chamber.

“We were glad to welcome Mr Robertson to our meeting, and were keen to hear his views on many topics of interest to our members. We are grateful for his time and hope that he can take our views and articulate them to his fellow parliamentarians.”

The Trade Union Bill was the main topic of conversation and one that Mr Robertson reiterated the SNP’s opposition to the proposals, reassuring Moray trade unionists that his party would continue to fight against the Bill as it progressed through Parliament.

It was not the only topic of conversation, however, with concerns over BT Broadband and connectivity issues in Moray also discussed – as was the forthcoming EU Referendum.
Following a lively meeting Mr Robertson said: “It is always good to meet up with Moray Trades Council, who continue to be very active in campaigning for the rights of workers both at home and abroad.

“As always they provided a warm welcome but also provided me with challenging questions on the many key issues that the Westminster parliament is currently dealing with. One of the most obvious issues affecting workers is the Trade Union Bill – the SNP is resolutely opposed to the introduction of this Dickensian Tory bill, which contains regressive employment policies more suited to the 19th century than the 21st.

“Other areas of concern include the damaging welfare changes that are being introduced such as the Bedroom Tax and restrictions on disability and ill health payments, which are having a huge detrimental impact on the low paid and on the most vulnerable in our society.

“On these and on many other issues we have a great deal of common ground and I welcome the Moray Trades Council’s valuable input.”

The Moray Trades Council meets at 7.15pm on the third Monday of every month at the Seaforth Club in Elgin and regularly meets with local politicians, public sector bosses, and other individuals who have an influence on the working lives of members.

There are representatives from many local Trade Unions including, the EIS, and Unite the Union. New affiliations and delegates from interested Unions in the area are always warmly welcomed.