Long wait for rural community council could be over

Rafford village hall - could soon be hosting a new community council
Rafford village hall – could soon be hosting a new community council

A MORAY COMMUNITY that failed to raise a single nomination to form its own community council in over ten years could be set for an election.

The Finderne Community Council failed to attract any nominations for elections in 2005 and 2009, while in 2013 just a single nomination was received for the seven places required.

However, last week at a meeting of the Moray Council members were informed that a petition had been raised seeking to establish a community council in the area that covers several rural communities around Forres.

The petition was signed by 22 people – 21 of whom were residents of the area covered by the Finderne CC, giving reason to believe that an election call would now receive sufficient nominations to form the community council for the first time.

Local councillor George Alexander welcomed the move, saying that he had heard from a number of people in the area who had felt frustrated at the lack of representation in the area. A move had been made in 2012 to alter the boundaries of the adjoining Heldon CC to include the Rafford area of the Finderne CC.

That proposal went to consultation but plans were dropped and instead the Council agreed to support the establishment of the Finderne CC “if the council were petitioned to do so”.

Local resident Brian Higgs produced the petition – now it is hoped that sufficient nominations will be received this month to allow an election to take place in March.

Councillor Alexander said: “If they create their own community council there will be no confusion of who represents them – I hope they get lots of applicants stepping forward and I wish them luck.”

A minimum of four members are required and a maximum of seven for the community council to be established – the area covered includes Rafford, Easter Lawrenceton, Dunphail, Edinkillie, Logie, Cathay, Altyre, Burgie, Blairs, Blervie, Brodieshill, Relugas, Glenerney, Braemoray.

All community councils will come up for re-election in 2017.