Moray kids going the extra daily mile to health and fitness

Kids loving going the extra mile at Applegrove
Kids loving going the extra mile at Applegrove

PRIMARY SCHOOL CHILDREN in Moray have been boosting their understand of health and fitness by voluntarily taking an extra 15 minutes of daily exercise that is not part of their timetable.

Led by Active Schools Moray, the initiative is part of a drive aimed at developing the social, emotional and mental well-being of Moray’s children.

A short video has even been produced of pupils at Applegrove Primary in Forres taking part in the ‘Daily Mile’ drive (see below) – with several Moray schools now following suit with their own organised daily events.

A spokesman for Active Schools Moray said: “The extra 15 minutes of daily exercise is not timetabled; teachers take their classes out at a time of their choosing so it is not time-intrusive. Children are able to come outside and socialize with their peers in a different way than they would at lunch or playtime.

“At a time when UK-wide studies suggest up to two-thirds of primary school children lack basic fitness, this is a perfect, and free, solution. The children are fit and healthy; they come in energized ready to learn and focused. Children are enjoying the time outside and are noticing personal improvements in their abilities.”

The Daily Mile has been operating in Moray’s schools since August last year – and the verdict of the Children at Applegrove? “Awesome!”