Probe ordered into soaring costs of funeral services

Probe into burial costs prompts action from Scottish Government
Probe into burial costs prompts action from Scottish Government

MORAY IS ONE of Scotland’s most expensive places in which to bury loved ones – and has been cited alongside neighbouring Aberdeenshire as being worst-hit for ‘funeral poverty’.

That is according to a report produced by Citizen’s Advice Scotland (CAS) on behalf of the Scottish Government, as there is growing concern over the difficulties being faced by bereaved families in meeting the soaring costs of burial and cremation services.

With burial costs in Moray now costing £1373 the region is eighth highest in the report – coming just behind Aberdeenshire at where the cost is £1411.

Now the Scottish Government is aiming to respond by organising a national conference on funeral poverty which will consider a “funeral bond” scheme as recommended by CAS with the aim of standardising service costs.

A study by CAS in June last year showed that the costs in Moray had not increased from the previous year, but remained considerably higher than the £694 bereaved families would be expected to pay in the Western Isles and was also £100 higher than the national average.

In December, insideMoray also told of the difficulties being faced by families faced with the horrific task of burying an infant close to their home. In Moray, plots for infant burials are free – but only at Elgin Cemetery, leaving bereaved parents in other parts of Moray having to find £615 for a burial lair.

Reacting to the report a spokesman for Moray Council said: “Moray’s costs match the costs of the service and are within a few pounds of the Scottish average. Other costs, such as funeral services and cremations, are outwith our control.”