The day the Flying Scotsman came to Moray!

World Darts champion Gary admires the exhibits at Morayvia
World Darts champion Gary admires the exhibits at Morayvia (pic: Tom Sunley)

THE FLYING SCOTSMAN steam train has been hitting the news over the last week – but it was the Scottish darts hero sporting the same name who called in at Moray’s new science and technology exhibits.

Gary Anderson is renowned in the international darts world as being one of the smoothest throwers in the game – but it was his passion for flying aircraft rather than darts that brought him to the Morayvia centre at Kinloss.

Gary – who is originally from Eyemouth on the Scottish Borders – is the winner of many titles before clinching the world crown in 2015. Gary’s request for a look around Morayvia’s exhibits came via Alan Ewen, who had organised two darts events in Moray that involved the nine-time major darts winner.

Gary get's a pilot's view of the Sea King
Gary gets a pilot’s view of the Sea King (pic: Tom Sunley)

Gary’s manager, Tommy Gilmour MBE, had indicated that Gary would love to take a close-up look at Morayvia’s start exhibit, the recently retired Sea King Search and Rescue helicopter. When he arrived at Kinloss, Gary was surprised with the size and fantastic condition of the Sea King.

Morayvia’s Mark Mair said: “First stop for Gary was a visit to the SAR Crew Room then the ops room and of course the Sea King itself.

“He was full of praise for the fantastic work put in by the Sea King crews over the years and was keen to see and learn how the crews managed to complete their rescue missions.

“The world champion also took time out to sign a few items for Moray before signing the visitors book – before insisting that he would love to make a return visit when he has a bit more time to have a look around the centre.”

His visit to Moray was rounded off by a coffee and light lunch in the 1629 at Lossiemouth.

Mark said: “It was an absolute pleasure and a great honour to show Gary around the centre, which after just a few months is already growing a reputation far outside the confines of Moray as a must-visit venue for anyone coming to Moray.

“In fact we have already had a few visitors who have been attracted to visit Moray because of the centre and the unique collection it contains, we are certainly looking forward to a long Spring and Summer season at Morayvia.”

A world champion poses with a world champion aircraft
A world champion poses with a world champion aircraft (pic: Tom Sunley)