Youth gang hurl abuse at bus passengers in Keith

Youth's congregating in Reidhaven Square abused bus passengers and driver
Youth’s congregating in Reidhaven Square abused bus passengers and driver

BUS PASSENGERS WERE verbally abused and had rubbish thrown at them by what was described as an “aggressive” group of teenagers in Keith.

The Moray town has been subjected to several vandal attacks in recent months – now a group of youngsters aged between 10 and 14-years-old has been accused of intimidating people around the Reidhaven Square area.

Police were called when the Stagecoach express bus between Inverness and Aberdeen stopped in the square. The female bus driver and her passengers were verbally abused after it had pulled in at the bus stop, prompting police to be called – but the group had fled by the time police arrived.

Local councillor and former police officer, Stewart Cree, said that he hoped the culprits could be identified and were made to answer for the incident, which happened at 12.25am on Sunday morning. One passenger described how the group threw bottles and rubbish at the driver, kicking the bus and jumping in front of it as it tried to pull away.

“I find it hard to understand why they would seek to pick on a bus driver,” Councillor Cree said, adding: “It does not make sense at all and I would hope it does not become a familiar event.”