Compromise is the way ahead for Findhorn wildfowling debate

Wilfowling - compromise is the way ahead according to David Stewart MSP
Wilfowling – compromise is the way ahead according to David Stewart MSP

COMPROMISES USED IN other parts of Scotland over wildfowling could and should be used in the row over the practice continuing in Findhorn Bay.

The issue was being hotly contested by both sides of the issue this week when insideMoray reported the views of Highlands and Moray Green MSP John Finnie, that an outright ban on the practice should be put in place.

However, the Labour MSP David Stewart has said that a far better solution could be found by looking closely at other parts of Scotland where the debate has already been held.

Mr Stewart, who also represents the Highlands and Moray, said that while the Friends of Finhorn Bay group were campaigning for an outright ban on wildfowling, the local nature reserve has recognised the need for change – but would prefer a permit system for shooters.

“There has always to be a balance in these kind of issues and I have taken the time to find out what happens in other areas,” the MSP said, pointing to the Wigtown Bay Local Nature Reserve as an example where the local council eventually introduced a bylaw and permit system for wildfowling.

Mr Stewart said that it now appears that system was working well, adding: “If this system is already working well in other parts of Scotland then I see no reason why it should not be used in Moray.”

The MSP said that he will now write to Moray Council urging them to support a permit system, adding: “I am sure that responsible wildfowlers will support this action.”

Earlier this week John Finnie said that he had written to the local authority urging that they invoke a complete ban on wildfowling in the area, saying: “A ban on shooting will ensure Findhorn Bay is once again a place of beauty and peace for locals and visitors to enjoy nature.”