Continuing Aberlour road delays prompt new intervention

Moray MSP seeking meeting over works delays in Aberlour
Moray MSP seeking meeting over works delays in Aberlour

CONTINUING DELAYS IN road improvements through Aberlour has prompted a request from Moray’s MSP to the Chief Executive at Scottish Water.

The Moray community has suffered months of delays since road improvement works began almost a year ago. Businesses and homes in the community found access to their doors difficult – while initial promises of the disruption lasting just a few months have never been kept.

Richard Lochhead MSP has remained in close contact with members of the community from the start – and he was also becoming increasingly concerned as he was informed of one delay after another.

Both Transport Scotland and Scottish Water have hosted public drop-in session in an attempt to explain the delays – however, the MSP says that the messages he is getting back from his constituents is that the two organisations are not working together to solve the issues.

Some members of the business community are now seeking compensation from Scottish Water for the lengthy delays, as they are led to believe that the delays were caused by Water company providing incorrect information about infrastructure at the planning stages of the project.

Now Mr Lochhead has sought a meeting with Douglas Millican in order to get clarification around their role in the delays and to establish what assistance Scottish Water can offer those who have suffered as a result of the delays.

Mr Lochhead said: “Members of the Aberlour community have been in regular contact with me over the road improvements project, and whilst everyone agrees the work was necessary, the delays have been significant and it is concerning to hear just how badly small local businesses have been affected.

“From what I gather, the view of Transport Scotland is that the delays were a result of them discovering two water pipes under the road surface that they were not made aware of at the planning stage.

“The community will undoubtedly be glad that the end of the disruption is in sight, however it is vital that those affected have a clear explanation as to what led to these delays and who is ultimately responsible for helping those who have seen their small business suffer, and I’ve sought a meeting with the Chief Executive of Scottish Water to try and get that clarity.”