Golden idea to entertain the kids is a real Moray Treasure!

Contents of a 'treasure' box - and a wee one on the hunt for hidden gold!
Contents of a ‘treasure’ box – and a wee one on the hunt for hidden gold!

A GROUP AIMED at getting young children outdoors and having fun by setting clues for a ‘treasure hunt’ is proving to be a massive hit in Moray.

Moray Mini Adventures was set up by Jennifer Byers for a few local children in her local area – and the result has proven to be spectacular, with a social media page set up to support the idea rapidly attracting over over 1800 devotees.

Jennifer hid a number of ‘treasure boxes’ around Lady Hill – each holding a log book into which the children taking part can enter their name to show that they had managed to complete that particular challenge.  Now the idea is growing like wildfire – with treasure hunts growing in different parts of Moray and youngsters seen out and about searching major landmarks in every corner of the region.

Jennifer said: “What started off as just a little game between my son and his friend has really taken off – we had 500 members on the Facebook page after just a few days, and by the end of the first week we doubled that again.  We only started with a few treasure boxes but as the idea has grown new treasure hunts have been created.”

By last night the Facebook Group had reached an amazing 1800 members – and was still growing fast.

Clues are posted on the group page which include a ‘cypher code’ that the children can use to decode clues to help them locate the ‘treasure’. A typical clue for a treasure hunt over the weekend posted by Jennifer read: “Ahar me hearties – Captain Baillie & shipmate Ben have hidden some treasure after their ship crashed on the rocks under the lighthouse!

“There’s gold (chocolate), healthy treats and even a treat for the four legged friends too. We came in from the back of the lighthouse via Silver Sands – otherwise it’s a fair hike from West Beach car park.

“Not far to head to Aroma for coffee n cake once you find it tho!”

Everything required to join Moray Mini Adventures is available on the Facebook Group – it is a closed group, but just ask to join and then check instructions posted by Jennifer.