Moray singer in touching final tribute to boyfriend Keiran

Lilian MacDonald is seen fighting back the tears in her final tribute to boyfriend
Lilian MacDonald is seen fighting back the tears in her final tribute to boyfriend Keiran

THE MORAY SINGER who hit national headlines after hitting the charts with a song penned as a tribute to her cancer-suffering boyfriend has released a new video just a month after he tragically passed away.

Elgin singer/songwriter Lilian MacDonald hit the headlines in May 2014 when her tribute song “Never be Alone” peaked at No.30 in the iTunes chart.

All proceeds from the recording went to leukaemia research after Lilian, then just 17, released the tribute to boyfriend Keiran MacRonald who was at the time undergoing a period of intense treatment having been diagnosed with the disease a year earlier.

Sadly, last month Keiran lost his battle against the cancer – prompting former Elgin Academy pupil Lilian to apologise to her social media following, saying: “I’m sorry for not posting for a while, hopefully this video will explain why.”

Keiran suffered from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and although he was in remission at the time of Lilian’s chart tribute he suffered a relapse shortly afterwards. Last year Lilian issued a new album, saying at the time: “I’m so excited, scared, happy and nervous all at the same time.

“I don’t know if this would have happened so soon had it not been for how well Never Be Alone did – but it’s nice to know that people out there want to listen to what I play.

“Although it is a very rough and scary road ahead it will hopefully be the cure to it all and we will be able to live a hospital-free life again.”

Keiran passed away on February 8.

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