Moray base is spick-and-span for annual inspection

Who said senior officers don't get their hands dirty? (pic: Sgt Stu Fenwick)
Who said senior officers don’t get their hands dirty? (pic: Sgt Stu Fenwick)

IT WAS ALL hands to the pumps this week for RAF Lossiemouth personnel as the Moray base underwent their annual Air Officer Commanding inspection.

Air Vice-Marshall Gary Waterfall was accompanied around the base by Dean Appleby, who is the No. 1 Group Warrant Officer.

As Air Officer Commanding No. 1 Group, AVM Waterfall controls all of the RAF’s combat fast jet fleet and so was well aware he was inspecting a base that has been exceptionally busy in recent months.  The formal annual inspection took in the Typhoon’s main operating base and the homes of 2622(Highland) Squadron, 51 Squadron RAF Regiment and the RAF Lossiemouth Mountain Rescue Team.

AVM Waterfall was also invited during his visit to put his handprints on the wall of the RAF Lossiemouth Childcare Centre, built and funded by the RAF Benevolent Fund, where he took the opportunity to meet and talk with several service families. As a final duty he presented Honours and Awards to both military and civilian staff on the base.

RAF Lossiemouth’s Station Commander, Group Captain Paul Godfrey, said: “The Annual Formal Inspection was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the world-class personnel stationed here at RAF Lossiemouth, who work tirelessly to provide defence of the UK airspace 24/7 and prepare, support and execute a wide range of contingency operations around the World.

“We also took the time to show Air Vice-Marshal Waterfall and Warrant Officer Appleby the outstanding work our welfare and community teams are doing to support our personnel and families as they continue to go the extra mile for UK Defence.

“I’m sure both of them will remember their hand painting exploits in the Childcare Centre for many years!”

Proud award recipients with the AVM (pic: Sgt Stu Fenwick)
Proud award recipients with the AVM (pic: Sgt Stu Fenwick)