Scottish Secretary highlights vital Council role in flying visit

David Mundell - flying visit to Moray this week
David Mundell – flying visit to Moray this week

MORAY COUNCIL WILL have a major part to play in future changes at military bases in the region as well as the introduction of new powers to the Scottish Parliament.

That was the view being expressed by Scottish Secretary David Mundell who completed his tour of all Scottish local authorities with a visit to the region on Monday.

Mr Mundell, who was a key player during the community bid to save RAF Lossiemouth from closure by holding several meetings with community representatives, welcomed the new investment at the base which will see an additional Typhoon squadron and nine P8-A Maritime Patrol Aircraft arriving in the region.

“We have come a long way from where people were concerned about the future of the base to it really being one of the most important in the UK,” the Scottish Secretary and only remaining Tory MP in Scotland said after meeting with Council leaders.

Around 400 additional RAF personnel are expected to arrive in Moray as a result of the changes – although a timetable for the arrival of the new aircraft is yet to be finalised.

Pointing to the vital role Council’s will play in the introduction of new powers under the Scotland Bill, Mr Mundell added: “Moray is the last of the 32 councils in Scotland that I will have met. I believe that local government is a really important part of civic society in Scotland, we are about to see the Scotland Bill come into law and that will have a big impact on the Parliament.

“It will have a big impact also on councils as they are going to administer some of those powers.”

During his day in Moray the Scottish Secretary visited RAF Lossiemouth to see for himself progress made in developing it into Scotland’s last remaining frontline air base. He also visited the Strathisla Distillery in Keith.