The Arc Sessions aim to put Fochabers firmly on the music map

Breabach will launch 'The Arc Sessions' in Fochabers this month
Breabach will launch ‘The Arc Sessions’ in Fochabers this month

PLANS ARE BEING laid to bring more of the UK’s best folk music performers to Moray on a regular basis.

Local musician Mhairi Marwick aims to turn the regular folk night sessions at the Fochabers Institute into a top music venue – and has already booked one of the leading bands in the country, Breabach, to appear there later this month.

“When I was younger I remember going along to lots of amazing concerts in Fochabers and it was great,” Mhairi told insideMoray, adding: “Seeing the top Scottish folk musicians playing at the Institute in Fochabers was so exciting and inspirational at that age.

“Now I’m living and working as a professional musician playing with bands such like Fat-Suit, Norris MacIver Band, Robyn Stapleton Band and others in Glasgow.”

Mhairi’s own pedigree is considerable – two years ago she was a finalist in the BBC’s Young Traditional Musician of the Year, and it was from that experience that she has built a platform in the traditional music scene.

She said: “I have a huge passion to promote Scottish music to people of all ages. This project will allow me to bring some of the best folk bands and musicians to Fochabers – there has not been regular gigs there for a while now so I thought I’d love to do something about it.”

A full house in October when Mhairi brought the Scott Wood Band to Fochabers as part of their UK tour has inspired the new venture – especially as the audience was made up of all ages.

Mhairi added: “From then on I decided to start a folk club I suppose you’d call it.  I’ve named it ‘The Arc Sessions’ – bringing some of Scotland’s best live music acts to Fochabers.

“I would hope to present six new acts within this year, with the first concert featuring Breabach on Saturday March 26 and the second is RURA on Sunday May 15.”

The Fochabers date is one of 21 dates nationwide being undertaken by Breabach – who will include several tracks from their new album ‘Astar’ in Moray (see video below).

With the right support, Mhairi is certain that her new venture can succeed in Moray where traditional folk music has always been popular: “The Scottish folk scene is brilliant and thriving.

“In Glasgow it’s been great to get to know so many of these musicians so well – all the bands that will be playing are friends from Glasgow so it’s great being able to bring them to Fochabers.”

Tickets for the Breabach appearance on March 26 are available online now at or by calling 07810 174377.