Young people urged to grasp ‘exciting’ voting opportunity

New 16 and 17 year old voters '
New 16 and 17 year old voters ‘exciting’ opportunity

THE SCOTTISH ELECTION took a step up for a group of 16 and 17 year olds in Moray who quizzed Richard Lochhead over his plans to continue as the region’s MSP.

Mr Lochhead handed in his nomination papers at Moray Council this week ahead of the deadline on Friday, accompanied by a group of young people who will be voting in a national election for the first time.

The SNP’s Rural Affairs Secretary in the last Parliament chatted to the group from around Moray outside the Council HQ – and used the opportunity to urge them to use their first opportunity to vote.

Voting rights were first given to 16-year-olds at the Scottish Independence Referendum with such success that the law was changed to allow them to vote for their choice in the Scottish Parliament.

“This is a really exciting election for young people in Moray,” Mr Lochhead said, adding: “They are engaged in many of the big debates facing the country.”

Three candidates have registered so far for the Moray seat at Holyrood – joining Mr Lochhead in the poll will be Douglas Ross (Conservative) and Sean Morton (Labour).

All three will write weekly on insideMoray throughout April giving their views on the issues surrounding the election campaign, along with James MacKessack-Leitch (Moray Greens) in support of their candidates on the second ‘list’ voting paper.