Couper family among first to ‘get connected’ to new home in Moray

Moray Connected

A BURGHEAD FAMILY are celebrating becoming one of the first to successfully use a simplified Moray Council system of applying for a new council home.

Just days after the launch of the ‘Moray Connected’ project the Couper family received the keys for their new home – and hailed the new system saying it was much simpler than the paperwork they previously faced.

‘Moray Connected’ is a new online method launched earlier this year that allows housing staff to send property offers directly to applicants online, rather than the previous method of doing so by post.

For Alan and Claire Couper from Burghead that meant that once they had placed their application for a new home they were emailed an offer that allowed them to view their potential new property on a map and then accept it with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Alan said: “I was not expecting to be able to do it all online, and for it to be so simple. For previous lets more paperwork was involved, but all it took this time was the click of a button to accept our new home.

“It was so much easier and we accepted the house on the same day we were offered it.”

Head of Housing and Property, Richard Anderson, said: “I’m delighted the Couper family have had such a positive experience with our new service.

“It’s delivering exactly what it set out to do – to allow people like Alan and Claire more flexibility with their services, saving them the time and hassle of responding to letters or having to visit us in an Access Point or calling our Contact Centre.

“There are benefits for us too – cost savings from sending out letters by post, and time savings through almost instantaneous responses means we can get applicants into their new homes sooner.

“I wish the Couper family all the best in their new home.”